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3 On 3 Tournament

Picture this… Moms and dads cheer for their children, corporate buddies are hanging out for the weekend and the women’s teams are showing that they’e got the skills. Whether its a 7 year-old first timer, a woman’s college All-American or a weekend warrior trying to regain his youth, we’ve got a spot for everyone. If you’re under 12, you can join the kids activities that we’ve set up. If you’re hungry, try one of our many tasty food items and an ice cold drink. Sit down, listen to the music. If you think you’re the best, prove it at one of the Skill Competitions. If you’re just wanting to play Hoops, then we’ve got plenty of that all weekend long…but be good, we’ve got referees on every court, promoting sportsmanship and safe play.

The world of Hoops basketball is a fascinating one.  The idea of playing competitive tournament basketball has inspired young people since the early days of the sport. In communities all over the country, Hoop Games represent a sport that sales. It is part of the fabric of the community. It requires practice, skill and dedication, as well as personality that shines through in fast moves and smooth action.

Since 1998, the success of Hoop Games in the world of 3-on-3 Basketball tournaments has attracted the attention of serious sports enthusiasts and corporations. Leveraging a captive audience of 10,000 people or more over an event period, Hoop Games tournaments provide more than a venue for participants to demonstrate their skills on the court. They also present an opportunity for community organizations and businesses to increase their visibility and brand recognition.






The Company

Hoop Games is a full service sports marketing and event management company. Based in Northern California, Hoop Games is a visionary organization that believes in using the platform of basketball to motivate and inspire today’s youth. Through programs such as the 3-on-3 basketball tournaments and the Hoops Games Basketball Academy, the organization understands and teaches youth that focus, self-respect, and success on the court is transferable to life off the courts.

We are experts in leveraging the power of sports to help our customers reach the youthful demographic. We use our unique expertise in event management and promotion to put on events like the Hoop Games. A main focus of Hoop Games is to add momentum to the sport of basketball in a wide range of markets. When people come to our games, they are a captive audience, eager for exciting play and open to supporting the sponsors that support the basketball pastime.

The company is managed by Jack Byers. Jacks affiliation with Hoop Games has come from years of familiarity with the sport of basketball as a top event promoter. He has organized many games and tournaments and has come in contact with a number of all-star basketball players from the professional ranks and from Division 1 and Division 2 colleges. Great basketball players have been his mentors and the driving force that moved him to develop the local Hoop Games model and the academy, both of which are an effort to bring competitive basketball to the limelight. Jack has seen the positive influence that the game has made in his community and the opportunity it can offer players, fans and sponsors.

Our events are for the communities in which we hold them. Companies that support us are supporting the community and promoting a healthy lifestyle too many segments of our diverse culture.